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Vanity Art Smart Toilet with Elongated Slow Down Heated Seat

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  • āœ…š•š„š‘š’š€š“šˆš‹š„ š‚š‹š„š€šš’šˆšš†: The smart toilet boasts a convenient side button knob, offering a range of cleansing options for a personalized and refreshing experience, catering to individual preferences
  • āœ…š‡š„š€š“š„šƒ š’š„š€š“šˆšš†: Enjoy the luxury of a heated toilet seat equipped with a seating sensor for automatic warmth. Experience comfort and sophistication in every use, ensuring a pleasant and cozy experience
  • āœ…ššˆš†š‡š“ š‹šˆš†š‡š“: Navigate your bathroom effortlessly with the built-in night light, providing a soft glow that makes it easy to locate and use the modern toilet during nighttime visits, enhancing safety and convenience
  • āœ…š…š‹š”š’š‡šˆšš† šŽšš“šˆšŽšš’: Benefit from multiple flushing options of this toilet bidet, including auto flush, power-off flush, foot induction flush, and super flush. Choose the most efficient and water-saving flush
  • āœ…š’š‹šŽš–-šƒšŽš–š š’š„š€š“: Experience noiseless operation with the damping slow-down seat feature, ensuring a peaceful environment in your bathroom. Enjoy the convenience of adding a touch of tranquility to your space
  • āœ…šš‘š„šŒšˆš”šŒ š‚šŽšš’š“š‘š”š‚š“šˆšŽš: Crafted from high-quality ceramic, the tankless toilet guarantees durability and easy maintenance. The polypropylene seating ensures hygiene and comfort, making it a reliable addition to your bathroom

Vanity Art presents cutting-edge Smart Toilet to transform your bathroom experience. It a must-have bathroom component for the modern lifestyle. Elevate your daily routine with a perfect blend of comfort and innovation. Crafted with precision, the ceramic and Polypropylene construction ensures durability and easy maintenance. Our Smart Toilet boasts a user-friendly side button knob, allowing for seamless control. Indulge in the luxury of a heated seat and the convenience of a seating sensor, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience. The built-in night light adds a touch of sophistication to your restroom, creating a calming ambiance during nighttime visits. Efficiency meets hygiene with features like auto flush, power-off flush, foot induction flush, and super siphonic flush, keeping your toilet clean with minimal effort. The damping slow-down seat ensures a quiet and gentle closing. Rest easy with electric leakage protection, guaranteeing safety in every use.


  • Heated seat
  • Night light
  • Auto flush
  • Power-off flush
  • Foot induction flush
  • Super siphonic flush
  • Side button
  • Seating sensor
  • Damping slow down seat
  • Electric leakage protection cUPC ETL certified


  • Voltage: 110-120V
  • Rated frequency: 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 1100w
  • Water pressure: 0.12-0.8Mpa
  • Material: PP (Polypropylene) + Ceramic
  • Power cord length : 1.2m
  • Product color: White

Dimensions & Weights:

  • 26.93" L x 16.06" W x 18.11" H; 81.6 lbs.

Upgrade your bathroom to a realm of sophistication and convenience with the Smart Toilet ā€“ where innovation meets indulgence.